Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Corvette Racing GT2 C6R

Corvette racing has unveiled its latest racing creation, the ZR1 based GT2 challenger. The GT2 race version of the Corvette is the successor to the incredibly successful GT1 version, but there are some key differences. The GT2 version obviously complies with GT2 rules and therefore does not have telemetry or ceramic brakes. The GT2 version also rides on an aluminum frame compared to the steel frame of the GT1 C6R. Aerodynamic components have undergone some changes making the GT2 version visually look closer to the road going ZR1 Corvette. The V8 engine has also been downsized, the 6 liter V8 produces 470 horsepower @ only 4800 RPM and a mighty 535 pound feet of torque @ 4500 RPM. The GT2 Corvette will run its first race at this week's Mid-Ohio ALMS race on August 8, where it will find competition from racing versions of the Ferrari F430, Porsche 911, BMW M3, Ford GT, Dodge Viper and Panoz Espirante.

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