Sunday, May 2, 2010

Citroen Creates a Better Concept Car than BMW?

While some car companies use the auto show circuit to reveal thinly disguised versions of upcoming production cars, others use their concept cars to push styling boundaries and imagination. The Citroen Metropolis concept follows the latter line of thought. The Metropolis concept exists solely to present Citroen design and brand to the world and get people excited about Citroen products. In this regard the Metropolis does not disappoint. It features the outrageous styling and unrealistic proportions that make concept cars truly worthy of the name.

The Citroen Metropolis is a fine example of an excellent concept car, but it certainly has competition from the recently revealed BMW Gran Coupe concept. While both are certainly visually appealing, the Metropolis Concept edges ahead solely based on the fact that there will be no disappointment when its production version comes out. There won't be one. On the other hand, if there is a production version of the BMW Gran Coupe it wouldn't be as graceful and handsome as the concept.

The Gran Coupe is one of the best looking BMWs in a long time, but the concept version only sets expectations too high for a potential production version.

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