Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Auto Commercials Ranked

As a game Superbowl XLVI turned out to be pretty good thanks to the last four minutes even if it was close yet quite average for most of the previous three quarters and change. Of course the actual game does not define a Super Bowl as some actually claim to watch the game for the commercials only.  As a whole this year's batch of commercials appeared to have less lolz than last year's edition. Nevertheless the automotive industry not only ran the most ads but also managed to have some of the best ads on Super Sunday. Here is my top five:

1. Chevy: Happy Grad

A high school graduate goes wild when he sees that his parent bought him a new Camaro convertible as a graduation present until we see that they actually didn't. This ad is simple yet very funny.

2. Acura: NSX

Great commercial overall, the only problem is that the NSX is very far from production but the commercial still works brilliantly.

3. Chevy: Chevy Silverado

The predicted 2012 Apocalypse comes true, somewhat, and Silverados are still driving around while F-150s are not. A pretty good commercial overall and one that got Ford all riled up and apparently helped Ford sell more F-150s than it did Silverados.

4. Fiat: 500 Abarth Seduction

Fiat has been under fire by the critics for lower than promised sales and an ad campaign that has left much to be desired. A simpler commercial might just be what Fiat needs and this one delivers.

5. Volkwagen:  The Dog Strikes Back

Volkswagen essentially had the best ad last year and unfortunately the sequel is not as good this time around but the two part commercial still takes fifth.

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