Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ad Spot: Sports and Auto Crossovers

Sports and cars, if you like one there is a good chance you are a fan of the other as well. Take some fast cars and place them on a track and you that becomes a sport even if some will disagree. Either way the two often cross paths including in the ad world. Blake Griffin and Kia certainly come to mind recently. While Kia has certainly benefited from the association with Blake, a few other sports and auto world crossovers leave you deeply confused how the ad is supposed to make you want to buy the product. A couple of tire commercials really struggle to make a meaningful connection to the sports world.

Kumho: Official Tire of the NBA

The ad goes over all the things that you want in your tire that also happen to be things that you want from your favorite players. Still it's a stretch to see how Kumho tires play any role in the NBA and if Kumho tires are any better than other tires.

Bridgestone: Sports Balls Made by Bridgestone

Bridgestone has ran quite a few commercials featuring prominent athletes around a simple question, what if Bridgestone made balls too. In every case the end result is a scary looking ball that is too grippy for its own good and ruins the game much to the player's dismay. Sure the ad emphasizes just how grippy Bridgestone tires are but it does so in a ridiculous way that once again does little to convince that Bridgestone tires are better than the competition. Perhaps it's because I don't have Bridgestone tires but  I have never tore out the turf driving on grass.

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