Sunday, July 26, 2009

2010 Jetta To Get Refreshed Interior, New Model Coming Soon

The MKVI Volkswagen Golf features an extremely high quality interior, especially impressive considering that it's a compact car. The so called "Golf with a trunk" Jetta will borrow a few elements of the MKVI Golf interior, namely the gauge cluster, steering wheel, and HVAC controls. While the overall interior is not as impressive as the new Golf's, it's a decent upgrade for the Jetta. The Jetta itself also looks like it will be replaced in the near future. VW has recently began investing a billion dollars into its Mexican plant which will build the New Compact Sedan. It looks like the NCS will indeed be the next Jetta. And this time around it looks like the Jetta will no longer be just a "Golf with a trunk" as VW looks to give it a separate identity. The new Jetta could make its debut towards the end of 2009 in LA, or at the 2010 Detroit auto show. Watch this space for updates.

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