Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saab Goes Slightly Retro With Its Latest 9-5 Model

Saab has seen its market share evaporate and has consequently become irrelevant when it comes to the US car market. If anyone would ever want to create an antonym to the phrase "sells like hot cakes" Saab's top of the line 9-5 model makes a compelling case. Saab wasn't even able to convince 100 people to buy its aging sedan and wagon (99 recorded sales to be precise). This is what happens when you let your flagship age way past its expiration date. Following "better late than never" logic Saab has finally made a second generation 9-5 model a dozen years since the original debuted. With its latest model Saab has used styling cues from its original and more successful 900 model. When compared to the old 9-5, the new one features a more upright A pillar with a sharp transition to the roof (similar to the GT-R), a slanted roof line and a more curved C pillar reminicant of the Saab 900. Overall, the new 9-5 is not an exceptionally stunning car, but at least it now gives Saab and its new owner, Koenigsegg, a chance to compete with other premium brands.

Classic Saab 900

Old 9-5

New 9-5

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