Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Audi Q3 Design Analysis

While the Q3 is not confirmed be sold in America this doesn't mean that we can't analyze the design of Audi's smallest SUV. Looking a little more SUVish than the 2009 Shanghai auto show Cross Coupe Concept the 2012 Q3 to be unveiled at this year's Shanghai show stays true to the concept for the most part. The Tiguan based Q3 is Audi's latest interpretation of its Q lineup. Upfront the Q3 features the updated Audi shield grill with six distinct segments. The headlights use a thin wraparound LED element for the daytime running lights. Overall the Q3 profile is quite similar to the Q5 albeit with crisper lines and straighter design elements consistent with the new A6 and A7. A crisp A5esque character line runs the length of the Q3 just below the side windows. The doors on the Q3 are more concave on the bottom which gives the crossover more pronounced fenders compared to the Q5. Likewise the C pillar features a much straighter line than the more curved Q5 shape. Out back the tail lights follow the Q5 shape but stick out from the tailgate on the bottom much like on the A6. Perhaps somewhat disappointing the interior does not look as great as some of Audi's previous efforts, although the Q3's lower price point probably plays a role as well. Of note is the new four spoke steering wheel along with the pop up navigation.

The Q3 is an excellent addition to the Audi lineup but appears to not be North American bound at this point in time. Audi USA may make a business case for it if it decides to only bring the A3 sedan and not the A3 Sportback with the next generation.

Click on the photo to see more of the Q3

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