Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Future of The Auto Industry

Even among best sales figures in a decade there has been lots of chatter of the future of the auto industry, in particular in regards to its waning interest from young adults and teens. Many causes have been cited for America's disappearing love affair with the automobile from simple to complex. Unfortunately for the auto industry the biggest reason is also one that can't be changed simply because that's how the game works. This past week has seen the release of two different phones that perfectly illustrate the difference between the auto and phone industry and the excitement each generates. The Porsche design Blackberry retails for almost ten times the iPhone 6 yet features roughly the same hardware specifications as the iPhone. And unlike with cars there is only so much that you can do with the candy bar smartphone shape. The beauty and appeal of the smartphone game is that you can post an iPhone 6 release date selfie on Instagram just like your favorite celebrity. You won't get nearly as many likes but for all intents and purposes you can own the best smartphone on the market* just like your favorite millionaire or billionaire. This is certainly something the average person can get excited and feel good about as they certainly aren't driving the same car as their favorite celebrity. It's hard for the auto industry to compete on this level and generate the same buzz. Nevertheless it's not all lost as long as the industry continues to deliver well engineered and designed products, they might not catch as many headlines as in the past but the foundation will be solid. An important followup key is then to be able to explain the technology in meaningful and relatable ways.

* if you think Galaxy or HTC or LG makes the best phone there is no difference they are all priced the same.

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