Monday, September 1, 2014

How Mercedes Perfected Audi's Recipe

Don't look now but Mercedes has perfected what was once a unique Audi recipe of turbocharging, engine downsizing and all wheel drive. As Mercedes is about to launch its latest C-class on American roads the entry model is powered by a turbocharged four cylinder while the performance model is a turbo V6. Both models are for the time being are only available with all wheel drive, you will have to wait until next year for a rear wheel drive option. The powertrain combination of a small displacement turbo and all wheel drive that dates back to the 1997 A4 is now Benz's preferred method of doing business. At the bottom of its range Mercedes will sell you a front wheel drive turbo dual clutch CLA with an all wheel drive option from AMG much like Audi did with the A3. At AMG likewise all wheel drive is available on most models and is standard on the newest releases. When the current A6 debuted a few years back Audi cut out the V8 for all but the S6. This upcoming year the E-Class drops the V8 and replaces it with a turbo V6. Mercedes has actually leapfrogged Audi in regards to engine downsizing to a certain degree as it will equip its ML SUV with a 4 cylinder turbo diesel.

Arguably Mercedes has not only followed Audi's recipe but has improved upon the idea as it waited until technology has progressed sufficiently powerful and smooth before pairing smaller turbocharged engines and all wheel drive creating a smooth transition from Mercedes of old. It's no longer classical Mercedes powertrain underneath and combined with flowing styling Mercedes is doing better than ever.

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