Monday, April 2, 2012

Second Generation Mercedes-Benz GL Achieves Design Harmony

There are only a few categories of vehicles where boxy design is appreciated; full size SUVs, Japanese subcompacts like the Scion xB, and delivery trucks. The GL occupies the first transportation category and the second generation GL continues to be the modern interpretation of its Geländewagen fore bearer. Following the Scion xB route Mercedes has given its latest GL more curves to give it a fresh design which is a reasonable direction considering that you can't make a box any edgier. In fact the new GL appears to finds a perfect harmony between traditional boxy SUV styling of the G class and Range Rover and the smoother surfaces of the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.

Upfront a prominent grille of the last generation remains while SL style headlights fit the SUV better than they do the roadster. At the back the taillights are a curvier version of the first generation. From the side the GL remains a familiar sight while gaining 3-D surfacing compared to the flat and vertical original version. Inside the new GL features an upgraded interior similar to the one on the new ML class. Figure the GL to be powered by the now familiar 4.6 turbo V8 in the GL550 configuration and by the BlueTec diesel in the GL350 BlueTec. A 500+ horsepower GL63 AMG version is likely as well. 

The Boxier First Generation For Reference

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