Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Gimmick Features That Actually Work

Much like coaches in football, automakers are always looking to one up the competition by any means possible. While offensive coordinators run gadget plays to catch the defense off guard, the auto industry has gimmick features. When they work in football (see 2007 Fiesta Bowl)gadget plays are great and memorable but most of the time defenses sniff them out early and the play fizzles out. Gimmick features are much the same as all but few prove to be pointless. However as in football there are a few features that actually prove useful and effective, here are three of the best.

Boise State Statue of Liberty Play: Fiesta Bowl 2007

Ford Mustang Sequential Turn Lights

The sequential turn lights give the Mustang some extra style and are an improvement over the one bulb stop/turn light setup.

Volkswagen/Lincoln Window Feature

This feature lets you close/open all of the windows and the sunroof after you have taken the key out of the ignition or before you have even opened the car. Useful when you want to cool down your car on a hot day before getting in.

LED Daytime Running Lights

 A feature so ubiquitous now that it is hard to even call it a gimmick anymore, it is the automotive equivalent of the option in college football. Once upon a time LED daytime running lights were rare enough to be called gimmicks, yet even then they served the DRL function with minimal energy consumption and without using up your mainlights.

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