Friday, March 7, 2014

Best of Geneva 2014: Concepts

Picking the top three Geneva production debuts was easy. Picking the top three concepts is just slightly more difficult as there are many fantastic looking concepts, more than a few concepts with their brand's futures on the line and even a few concepts that rock purely as concepts.

Volvo Estate Concept

Before the show, the Volvo Estate Concept was intriguing as it looked poised to bring back a bit of that traditional Volvo wagon shape that the brand is known for (and apparently wants you to forget). After additional consideration, the Estate concept prooved to not only be a great Volvo concept but also be the best concept at the show. The lines are crisp and everything about the wagon looks just right without trying too hard.

Quant E-Sportlimouisine

The Quant caught KWF's attention on the first day as a fantastically executed concept that is everything a concept should be. Sporty, unlike anything on the road today, yet nothing about it was so overdone as to be ridiculous. Did we mention a claimed 236 mph top speed? The Quant is certainly a concept that inspires imagination and isn't that what a concept is all about in the first place?

Skoda Vision C

Certainly most are putting the Maserati Alfieri concept as one of the top, if not the best concept of the show. It is definitely a great looking concept but it just doesn't scream Maserati in a way a concept should. A few elements like the lights, the wheels and the portholes just seem like Maserati is trying too hard to show something new. Overall the Alfieri is a looker and the dissapointment only comes from the fact that the expectations are really high for a new Maserati sports car. Instead, the supremely green Skoda Vision Concept rounds out the best Geneva concepts for its handsome clean looks and that paint that stands out in a sea of silver and light blue hues on every other concept. Part of the charm of the concept is hope that Skoda makes it a reality as the brand has dissapointed recently with its concepts not yielding great production counterparts. It would be really cool to see the brand given enough leeway in the Volkswagen empire to build something that perhaps is too good looking for the brand and its positioning.

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