Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lincoln MKZ: A Design Dilemma

Thanks to some Friday afternoon traffic I ended up following a brand new Lincoln MKZ for quite some time giving a perfect opportunity to study its design. When the Lincoln MKZ first debuted I was intrigued by its unique design, especially at the back. A couple of years later the MKZ is still one of the most unique designs for under 40k. Considering that the MKZ hasn't had a serious sales breakout perhaps unique really means polarizing instead. The sharp edges and strong surfacing around the rear fender and trunk area are still amazing design elements. A thin single tail light spans the entire width and hidden tail pipes round out a rear view that has a lot going on. The thick C pillar as well gives the MKZ a strong if slightly heavy look. Up front the design is simpler with a restrained Lincoln grille that does little to hint at the design at the back. Overall, the MKZ is an incredibly interesting design that each time I see I struggle to make up my mind if it's a winner or a loser. The rear end design is so strong but there isn't much design flow from the front to the back. It's a car that I would like to see more often on the road but not necessarily a car that I would want to drive on my own and it appears that I am not the only one with such an impression.

One of the most unique looks

The side profile is the weakest view

The simpler front end clashes with the rear


  1. Is it really so interesting? It seems sadly derivative of German designs to me, like most medium to large American cars. The only US marque that has an original design is Cadillac.

  2. At the back it's as unique as designs get in its class. Reminds me more of Cadillac's Art & Science philosophy than current Caddilacs. But the front and overall it's not as well put together like say the CTS.