Sunday, March 9, 2014

New York 2014: Hyundai Sonata Preview

Lost in all of the hubbub from Geneva, Hyundai quietly showed a very revealing teaser of its next Sonata set to debut at the New York auto show. The current Sonata was a breakthrough vehicle for Hyundai as it was leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generation and put Hyundai on the map as a brand that's more than just a 10 year warranty. It set the trend for future Hyundais to apply the brand's fluidic design. In fact, Sonata started the trend of better designed mid size sedans followed by the Optima, Fusion and the Mazda 6. This time around the Sonata does not usher in a new wave of Hyundai style but rather borrows heavily from the recently released Genesis. Using flatter and more restrained surfaces than the current model, the teaser shows an upscale look to the new Sonata. Hyundai is poised to continue to deliver above average style in the mid size category and put pressure on design departments at Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan and Chevy.

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